Ted Frese

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Ted was born in New York City and has lived in or around it most of his life, currently calling Westport, Connecticut, his home. Hamilton was not his first choice, but when he was walking by Soper Commons after the required face-to-face applicant interview that snowy February day, he was struck with the very strong feeling he must go to Hamilton. He followed that feeling and received in return a fine classical education, many life-long friends, and a wonderful overall experience.

He graduated with a major in Latin (think Mr. Mattingly) and a minor in English Literature (think Ed Barrett). After trying several career paths, he joined Manufactures Hanover Trust in 1969 as a computer programmer, living for a year in an Upper West Side penthouse with three other Hamiltonians – John Snyder ’66, Watson Bosler ’68, and Peter Brams ‘68.  He met his future wife Christine Robinson at Manny Hanny and they married in 1979 with Jim Mabie ’66 as his best man. Their son Rob was born in 1986.

Ted became head of corporate information technology (IT) at Macmillan in 1981 and left in 1990 to form his own consulting company, Bremen Associates, Inc., focusing on the business uses of IT – clients include Morgan Stanley, Ford Motors, Cahners Publishing, the City of New York, and currently, Deutsche Bank.

Outside of work, he enjoys swimming, sailing, traveling, writing, and keeping up with Latin, especially by doing translations for Watson. He runs a reading group, “Shakespeare and Beyond,” at the University Club in New York City – following up on Ed Barrett’s wonderful course – and is clerk of the Vestry at Trinity Church, Southport. And, of course, he always relishes returning to the Hill and letting those memories close enfold.

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