John Marling

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In 1966-68, I taught
8th grade English for two years in a north suburban Chicago area school to give back what I learned at Hamilton. After a period in the Army, I went around the World in 1972 and then got my real estate license, became a Member of the Appraisal Institute, and began my real estate consulting career in Downtown Chicago. In 1975 my brother, Jules, and I formed our own real estate company and started developing commercial and residential real estate in 1976.

I married a real estate lender, Heidi, in 1981, and moved to Tampa, FL and then to Orlando where we currently live. We have been developing land and apartment communities, mostly in the southeast for the last 35 years. I have one daughter by previous marriage, Sandra, and two daughters with Heidi, Brit and Morgan… all three in LA! I still see my Hamilton friends, mostly Sigma Phi Brothers, regularly. In spite of numerous surgeries (all mine), Heidi and I still enjoy sports, reading, working, and  traveling.  Most recently, we have learned a lot about ‘getting old’… me as the POA and care provider of a 95 year old former friend of the family, and Heidi and I as care provider for her 94 year old father in law.

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