Stephen Steinberg

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On the personal side, I married Nancy Hermel in 1969. We have two children and three grandchildren—more expected. We live in Concord, MA and have a farm in central Vermont. I traded in tennis for squash about 20 years ago and was MA champion twice in the 65 plus division. I have also coached tennis and squash at local high schools.

After Hamilton, I went to the University Of Pennsylvania where I received in 1969 the Juris Doctor degree from its Law and Wharton Schools and passed the Massachusetts Bar in the same year, finishing first in the bar examination, an achievement in which I take a modicum of pride.

My first job was as professor of business and corporate law at Babson College in Wellesley, MA. I taught at Babson only for one year and thereafter embarked on a business career in the Boston area.

My business endeavors have included real estate development and management, ownership of a squash club, and interests in the alcoholic beverage industry. For a few years I was the general counsel and real estate director of Papa Gino’s of America, Inc., a regional Italian restaurant chain. My practice of law is limited to a few clients, whose real estate I manage.

In 1996, I took a year off to attend Harvard and received a Master’s in Public Administration.

In 2006, I taught at the Graduate Division of the Carroll School of Business at Boston College.

About ten years ago, I established a charitable foundation with Joseph Lalli, a business partner, and I have been fortunate to share the fruits of its investments with Hamilton.

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